Perma Blend


800 NIS
The kit includes the following colors:
Light Dermis - This color will be added to most Fitzpatrick 1-3
Dark Dermis- add this to your Brown Dermis to help match someone from Fitzpatrick 4.5 (Cool). Mix with Areola Collection colors!

Pink Dermis is a great color to add to some skin types in Fitzpatrick 1.2 and it blends great with Ash Dermis (Cool) Drop Mix with Areola Collection colors!

Ash Dermis - this color can be added to all Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Cool)
No Gray Dermis - add one or two drops of this color to anyone in Fitzpatrick 3.4 (warm)
Brown Dermis - This color is a great starting point for Fitzpatrick 3-5 and can be used as texturing for Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Warm). Mix with Areola Collection colors!

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