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 Payment Method


Dear customer

Our company allows a wide range of payment options for your convenience

Cash - will be accepted only in our local store and not by courier

Credit card up to 5 payments


Bank transfer - Please note, If you choose this option after placing the order in full, you will receive a return email with bank account details for bank transfer.

A bank transfer must be made, indicating the order number and a copy of the transfer must be sent by e-mail.

Once the transfer is received in our account, we can issue the order using the shipping option you specified.

Bit - Please follow the instructions below so that we can confirm your order:
* After placing an order, you will receive a text message with a payment link in your Bit APP
* Click on the link to go to payment
* The payment order received will state your name, order number and amount to be paid
* Click Pay
* When you make the payment, you will receive confirmation that the payment was received successfully
* Shipping method will be according to the choice you made at the time of ordering
*** Please note that unless a full payment is made, we will not be able to ship your order ***

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