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Rotary Tattoo Machine

900 NIS

Net weight: single machine: 74g plus handle: 170g
Gross weight: single machine: 170g plus handle: 280g
Size: Single machine: 35*63*110 (pole length) mm plus handle: 133*35mm
Handle size: 83.8*30.5mm
Packing: upper and lower lid box
Color: 6 colors black-red-gold-purple-silver gray-champagne
Configuration list: machine *1 transmission rod *3 small accessory package *1 handle (optional)
Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Process: CNC integrated precision carving 4. Motor: Coreless motor 5. Starting voltage: 6v 8. Working voltage: 8-10V
1. The hollow cup flat motor is adopted, with high power, stable output, long life and durable, easy to cut and fogging, and prevent pin jams and jams.
2. All-aluminum alloy body, brand-new shape, beautiful appearance, high-grade;
3. CNC integrated fine carving process, five-axis fine carving, good workmanship, fine appearance, smooth and not rough details, small gaps between accessories, wear resistance, long-term use, no deformation, no slippage;
4. The power is large, the frequency is stable, and it will not be hot after a long working time;
5. The handle bolt thread is standard Cheyenne size, which is suitable for most of the lock and straight handles on the market;
6. Equipped with a carved handle lock, the size is perfectly matched, the lock handle is firmer, does not shake, is wear-resistant, and does not slip;
Novel structure, brand-new detachable structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, follow-up maintenance or replacement of accessories is very simple

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