6th Sense

6TH SENSE Corrector 7.2 - 15ml

240 NIS

Pigments for 6th sense tattooing are the result of long-term research and many years of testing, one of the goals of which is to create a stable formula that prevents color migration over time, allowing the masters to get a guaranteed predictable result for any skin and color type.

A. Khvesen managed to achieve this in full - his pigments do not flow, easily fit, do not migrate and with their help it is possible to evenly cover an unsuccessful permanent when the rest of the pigments fail. A distinctive feature of 6th sense pigments is color stability and predictability.

The pigments are created on a water-alcohol basis according to the original chemical formula. It contains organic and inorganic pigments, isopropyl alcohol, glycerin, polypropylene glycol, purified water. The volume of the bottle is 15 ml. Pigments "Sixth Sense" are ideal for both hardware and manual methods of tattooing.

The selection of pigments for eyebrows is carried out as follows: what color of hair, such a pigment is taken.

The first number is the tone (dark, light), the second is the color.

  • 1 - the darkest in the palette (heals with soft graphite) for eyelids or burning brunettes;
  • 3.2 - dark chocolate (for dark brown hair with a reddish tint);
  • 3.1 - dark chestnut color;
  • 5.2 - for light with a reddish tint, including red;
  • 3.3 - for dark brown hair with a golden tint or for golden blondes with dark eyes;
  • 5.3 - for golden blondes with light eyes;
  • 3.4 - dark blond;
  • 5.4 - light blond;
  • 0 - black for arrows and lashes;
  • 0.2 - dark chocolate for the eyelids;
  • 10 - soft, non-settling, finely dispersed white color, for overlapping and adding to lip pigments
  • L1, L2, L3, L4 for nude effect.


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