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Same Lady, Different Style

Same Lady, Different Style

So what's so different between "FixDerm" Shinny and "FixDerm" Matte?

Well, one of the features is exactly that.

We found that a lot of tattoo artists around the world ectually prefare the matte version rather then the shinny one, why? You see it less on the skin and for some people, That's important.

The new "FixDerm" glue is slightly stronger, which will gurentee its durability for the first few days.

It is still the best 1st sulotion in tattoo care.

It's  a thin, flexible, transparent medical bandage, water-resistant and easy to fit anywhere on the body.

The bandage allows for an environment free of external contaminants and enriches the tattoo with moisture, and is critical for 24-48 hours of the tattoo healing process.

The bandage breathes and allows excess moisture vapor from the tattoo, This Process  aids a healthy healing.

The bandage also serves as an antibacterial barrier that prevents friction with clothing and the environment while protecting the tattoo area from pathogens.

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