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Guidelines For Tattoo Care

Guidelines For Tattoo Care

Got a new tattoo? Congratulations !

Now it's time to treat it as best as possible so it will look the same for years to come.

It's not that hard if you think of it, but you do need some guidlines to follow so here are some do's and donts...

Once your tattoo artist has finished his session he will cover your tattoo with a medical bandage.

1. The 1st most important product in tattoo recovery is our tattoo bandage,
"Fixderm",A medical, transparent, waterproof bandage that will cover your tattoo for the first critical few days.

For more information about "Fixderm" click here.

2. Once you remove (gently) the tattoo bandage start treating your tattoo with one of our after care products along side with our Natural Foam for sensative skin.

Apply the foam on wet tattooed area, massage gently and creating a light foam. Wash with running lawkwarm water.

Apply "Ink Cream" or "Ink Butter" (Tattoo aftercare product )on the tattooed area 3-5 times a day - for 3 weeks.

For more information about "Ink Butter" click here

For more information about "Ink Cream" click here

For more information about "Natural Foam" click here

3. Once your tattoo is fully recovered start using a daily care to enrich and moist your existing tattoo.

Our "Ink Pop" for daily care will make sure your tattoo will stay as fresh and new as it was in the first days.

For more information about "Ink Pop" click here

 Now for the don'ts


  1. Avoid exposing your new tattoo to the sun, cover it as much as you can and no,It's not recommended to put sunscreen on a new tattoo until it's completely healed, which could take 4-6 weeks. Sunscreen can pose many problems for fresh ink, all the way from slight skin irritation to harmful infections and ink fade.
  2. Avoid water (sorry). No swimming . Especially seawater or pool water—is harsh on your tattoo, seawater or pool water can increase your risk of infection. Keep your tattoo moist when doing your 2/3 times -a-day cleanings (Natural Foam + Tattoo aftercare)

  3. Wear loose clothing This will help prevent friction between the tattoo and clothing


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