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Artists Little Helpers

Artists Little Helpers

Edgar Degas said: 

"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very hard when you do"

As tattoo artists there is not a lot of room for mistakes. Before you even touch body skin, you have to be great.
Even if you have 100% talent and your technical abilities are excellent you still need great tools and raw materials to make perfect tattoos.

It starts by using the best tattoo machines, needles, pigments and continues by using products for the work process such as stencil gel, concentrated soap, ink booster and more.

Our brand has developed a wide product portfolio, everything a tattoo artist needs from the beginning of the tattooing process to the end.

1) Alcohol 70% For work surfaces

2) Soafix water - Concentrated water - the most hygienic for cleansing, restoring and deeply nourishing the skin.
Special technology that allows for easier cleaning, even of intense dark pigments
The water reduces redness and provides increased moisture to the skin.

3)Stencil Gel - Tattoo Stencil Transfer with natural ingredients 

100% Non Toxic,  Longer Lasting Precision.

Designed to transfer crisp and clear lines and to produce a very accurate copy of the original drawing.

4) Ink Booster (Available in 3 versions, butter booster, herbal booster or booster with hemp oil)  -  A special product for tattoo artists that helps to lightly insert ink during the tattoo process.
The formula contains only natural ingredients that help reduce redness and swelling of the skin, which leads to an easier work process and faster healing of the tattoo.

5) Super Wite Petroleunt Jellies are the Products of ultra high purity designed for a verity of application in cosmetics, pharmaceutical Personal health care, food & industrial applications. Super White petroleumiellies processed from highly refined parffinic mineral Oits & gelling ogents which are chemically & biologically inert products that provides a excellent bases for diverse range of formulated Products requiring high level of purity & compatibility in sensitive applications. These products are manufactured under stringent & closely controlled environment facitity using highest quality ingredients & materials.

6) FixDerm Bandage - "FixDerm" is a thin, flexible, transparent medical bandage, is water-resistant and easy to fit anywhere on the body.

The bandage allows for an environment free of external contaminants and enriches the tattoo with moisture, and is critical for 24-48 hours of the tattoo healing process.
The bandage breathes and allows excess moisture vapor from the tattoo, This Process  aids a healthy healing.
The bandage also serves as an antibacterial barrier that prevents friction with clothing and the environment while protecting the tattoo area from pathogens.


As a Skin Care company, specializing in the field of tattoo care, it was highly important for us to give you a full answer to all your needs as tattoo artists.
For more infornation about our pro products and purchase, click here


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