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World Famous Inks are backed by the most popular tattoo artists around the world because these tattoo inks amplify their designs, evolving them into something darker, bolder, brighter and stronger.

  • High pigment content
  • Sterilize with gamma radiation
  • Vegan friendly
  • No animal testing

This Pro-Team colour set contains:

  • Pancho Pink
  • Pancho Light Pink
  • Pancho Peach
  • Pancho Light Yellow
  • Pancho Gold
  • Pancho Grey
  • Pancho Brown
  • Pancho Violet
  • Pancho Blue
  • Pancho Light Blue
  • Pancho Deep Green
  • Pancho Medium Green
  • Pancho Light Green
  • Pancho Light Purple
  • Pancho Magenta
  • Pancho Light Violet

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