Tinel - Pigments for Lips - L1 "Natural glow" - 10ml

173 NIS

L1 - "Natural shine" pigment for permanent lip makeup.

Warm, soft beige and peach shade. Allows to obtain a natural, nude color. Can be used for areolas. On dark-skinned ones, heals with a neutral (more beige-pink), on light and transparent lips, a peach shade. Suitable for correcting asymmetry and blurred lip contours. Opaque. Due to the application technique, it can be made from translucent to lipstick effect. The technique of applying the pigment is different for each master, and the anatomical skin tone of the lips is different for each client. From here, the results of both fresh works of permanent lip makeup and the healed one may differ.

Ready to use. After healing, it retains the remainder up to 100%. Supplied in a square transparent plastic bottle.

Production of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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