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Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world
From Australia to New York from Europe to South Korea
We have taken over the world since 2013 for one simple reason that we care. We care about the healing process of the tattoo as much as you care about the tattoo itself
As you well aware, no matter how perfect will be the outcome of your tattoo, if you do not treat it with the proper products, the healing process will be much more difficult with risks of color fading and scarring.
We, at Tattoo Fix Care, with a full collaboration with the best tattoo artists have developed the best formulas while understanding the body's needs through the tattoo healing process. We have not compromised on raw materials and experts including dermatologist, chemists and pharmacists, all to provide you with the optimal long-term result for your tattoo
Unlike most existing products on the market, which are defined as "cosmetics", the brand's products that have been specially developed for the field of tattoos and piercings are defined as "medical equipment". Thus, we have adapted the factories, facilities and production lines to the most stringent standards in the world
ISO13485 and GMP, Approved by the "Ministry of Health". This is why you can be sure that you are using quality and professional products safely.

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