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Why is Ink Pop So Important?

Why is Ink Pop So Important?

The moment you decide to get a tattoo is an important moment because it is the moment you decide to change your body.

You spend a lot of time (or not) deciding what kind of a tattoo you want to get, with color or black and white, small or big.

You think about which area on the body to get tattooed, considering the level of pain (maybe) and in short, make a lot of preparations.

Then you find a tattoo artist that you connect with and pay for the tattoo a respectable amount to get the best result.

The recovery period of a tattoo can be annoying, itchy and tiring or it can pass quickly, without irritation sensations.

So how do you do it?

By using treatment products designed specifically for this purpose.

For example, using our a chemical-free soap - to clean the tattooed area before applying the aftercare cream.

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After you did everything right and the tattoo looks wonderful, came the stage of preserving the tattoo, a stage that is no less important.

Over time, our tattoos tend to fade due to changes in the body, exposure to the sun and other reasons.

Precisely because of this, our company developed "Ink Pop" - A wonderful oil-based formula developed specifically for preserving and nourishing an existing tattoo.

The Formula contains ingredients  such as grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin B9 + B12 + E, which proven to be beneficial and nourish the skin, strengthen it, allow rapid cell renewal, protect it from dryness and cracks and thus actually preserve and enrich the tattoo colors.

The formula has a light texture that is easy to apply and does not leave a sticky feeling and h s a rich and stimulating apple smell.

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