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Everything you need to know about Piercing Care

Everything you need to know about Piercing Care

No matter if you have had a piercing in the face, ears or body, the healing process of a piercing is painful and long (of course the level of pain and healing varies in different areas of the perforation and from person to person).
Did you know that the healing process of piercing is longer than the healing process of a large tattoo and even with more risks of dirt accumulation and possibilities for inflammation?
Therefore, when you decide to get a piercing, first make sure that the piercing performer is a professional with certificates (yes, there are quite a few), use treatment and healing products designed for this purpose and follow the healing instructions given to you by the piercer.

And now, to the technical and controversial part. What is better to use, an antiseptic (non-antibiotic unless given to you by a Licensed physician) ointment or concentrated Salt Spray in a dose intended for perforator?

The brand offers both options because we believe that the right combination and in accordance with the instructions for use, will allow a healthier and more correct recovery process.

Salt spray and Piercream are the ultimate combination for treating perforators.
You can purchase a kit that combines the two products or purchase each one separately and use them for the recovery process.

Salt Spray  is extracted from Dead Sea salts and contains 28 different types of minerals.

These minerals are essential for the regeneration of skin cells and are known for their effectiveness as disinfectants.

Piercing is a perforation in the body that is exposed to many infections that delay the healing process. This is why it is very important to maintain a high level of sterility and hygiene in the perforated area.

Salt spray is user-friendly and especially effective for removing toxins and clearing accumulated secretions in the perforated area that can delay the healing process.

Ink Cream helps in the relief, treatment and restoration of various wounds. It also helps renew skin cells and the prevente infections and inflammation in the perforated area.

The active ingredients in Ink Cream are 0.3% chlorhexidine and 5% de pentanol.

Chlorhexidine - an antisemitic, antibacterial substance that acts against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. Helps disinfect the area

De phthentol - known to increase red blood cell production. Enriched with Vitamin Pro B5 which helps in regenerating the layer of skeletal muscle damaged due to the perforation.

How to use:

Spray salt spray on the perforated area as needed

Apply a small amount of Ink Cream on the perforated area with an ear cleaning stick, until completely absorbed into the perforation.

A little tip

we recommend cleaning the cream residue after complete absorption

For more information about the products and purchase click here 

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